2021: Trending Accessories For The New Year

     2021 is finally upon us and, as traditional fashion shows are being replaced with virtual events and presentations, style trends in the industry are just as dynamic as ever. Although fashion designs this year can be a somewhat low-key affair and with a lot less fanfare, they shouldn’t prevent today’s women from looking stylishly cool. When creating your looks for the new year, don’t skimp on the accessories as 2021 has a lot to offer.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some accessory trends to watch for this year:

Smaller Bags- a bag so tiny that it would fit only a few cards, a thin smartphone, and a lipstick could become the hot trend in 2021. This year, things will be much simpler, and women won’t need to carry much. These stylish bags are more of an accessory, instead of something functional.

Beach Accessories- after a prolonged lockdown, most of us have a need to visit beautiful locations, including our local beaches. Travel restrictions and quarantine will continue for a long time. Today’s custom jewellery manufacturers are using beach beads for hoop earrings and gold necklaces, as well as creating vibrant drawstring bracelets, starfish earrings and neon chokers.

Drop Earrings- stylish drop earrings will be a fast growing trend in 2021. From Paris to London, designer labels are presenting a variety of drop earrings and they will become a hot trend. Drop earrings can better frame your face and help you to create a dazzling new look.

Hammered Metals- metallic accessories don’t need to be perfectly smooth to be stylish. Hammered brass, silver, or gold accessories can create a stylish silhouette while looking chic and elegant. With hammered accessories, unique texture takes centre stage.

Chains- chains are repeated trends that will continue into 2021 and we already consider them staple accessories in many of our wardrobes. However, there’s a distinct difference for this year. For 2021, chains will be much larger, and more dominant. They will command attention with their bold look and pair well with just about any outfit to create a beautiful style that suits just about anyone.

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