Our Story

“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail” 

- Leonardo da Vinci

Our credo is all about detail. Since I was a boy, I have always admired the skills of my father and his artisans transforming raw materials into beautiful pieces of art.

Our production is always a limited collection. By maintaining our manufacturing at the highest quality standards and creating exclusive products by limited numbers.  We believe in the real "Made in Italy," we don't use third parties from  around the world to cut costs and jeopardize quality.

 Our buckles, rivets, and logos are all made of solid Brass that feature natural antibacterial properties. Gianni, our "Master Metals Craftsman" really takes the time to meticulously craft by hand every single metal part until he achieves the quality that we expect.

 Our leather and skins are all from Italian tanneries,  our boxes, which are made with the finest paper from local mills are made in our town of Napoli, famously known as the capital of  international culture, story, art, craftsmanship, and royalty for the last 500 years. Ignazio and his wife Maria oversee all the steps in the manufacturing process on the leather side. Maria, with her forty years of experience in the stitching department, ensures perfection is achieved while Ignazio oversee all the cutting of the leather and the quality control of the final product.

 This is a family business and all our artisans are fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. We have a very passionate "crew" who are focused and driven to provide our customers with the highest degree of quality.

We thank you for your patronage.

Enzo De Bernardo